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Feature :

  • NudyBlock will block every images that are inside our filter :
    hide images
  • You can block by yourself images(right click on the image), and so put them inside the filter :
    block images
  • if you see an image that you can't block, you can report it to us (right click on the page), we will do our best to block it :
    report image

  • NudyBlock is free, without ads, and don't collect personal information, only the blocked images (and their website) are saved in our database (our filter).

Advice :

  • If you have a doubt about the "modesty" of an image, we suggest you to block it, if we notice that image doesn't fit with our criteria, it will be remove from our filter.
  • If you surf on news feeds, like facebook, we recommend you to not follow the pages, and the peoples, that publish sexual content, with the tools avaible on there website.
  • We also recommand to install an Ads blocker, like AdBlock Plus, it will keep you safe from ads, that are often inappropriate (about AdBlock Plus, you should desactivated the authorization of the non-intrusive ads).